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Yes! Fitness Music Australia

Yes! Policies


Does Yes! use Clean Lyrics in their CDs?

Yes! CDs are produced in a way to appeal to the widest audiences. We review and edit content to make sure that explicit content is removed. When we make a decision to keep a lyric, we provide a link in the product description that bring you to a separate webpage where you can view the questionable lyric and decide for yourself whether the CD is appropriate for your class.

With Energy 4 Fitness CDs we will only be able to provide a list of questionable lyrics once we review each CD personally. Currently we can not guarantee clean lyric content on Energy 4 Fitness products.

Are your CDs 32-count phrased?

Yes, Our CDs are meticulously edited for even smooth 32 count phrases by industry professionals that have mixed and produced more than 500 Aerobics CDs. We promise not to miss a beat.

How long are your CDs?

Each Yes! CD is 60 minutes long.
Each Energy 4 Fitness CD is also 60 Mintutes, except for Just Pump series.

Just Pump CDs contain 46-50 Minutes of music with a 2 second gap between tracks. Instructors will normally pause CDs between tracks to change weight plates. See individual track listings for track lengths of each Just Pump song.

What Credit Cards type do you accept?

We accept the following credit cards:

* Mastercard
* Visa

PPCA Free Music

We control all of the recordings on our albums and we are not members to assocaitions like PPCA in Australia or PPNZ in New Zealand that represent the performance rights of recordings and charge fees to you to perform those recordings in health clubs. Our music is not represented by these societies and therefore you do not need to secure licenses from this association or pay fees to this association, if you plan to use our music exclusively, or plan to use a combination of Yes! music along with other “exempt” music sources.

Public Performance Fees – APRA

As with other fitness music providers, the public performance is the only right that we are not able “clear” on your behalf. The master recordings are licensed and the musical compositions are licensed for delivery on CD. However, the public performance rights to the musical compositions still need to be secured from APRA – the Australian Performance Rights Association. Any Health Club, and similarly any Restaurant, Sports Venue, Pub, Night Club or Radio and TV Station, need to pay license fees to APRA if they are to play popular hit compositions regardless of whether they are original artist or remake artists.


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