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Yes! Fitness Music Australia

STRENGTH | November 18


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Class – Strength
BPM – Multi BPM
Catalogue No: YES4019-D

Rock out and have some fun pumping iron with this bold blend of classic/indie rock, one-hit wonders, and house/pop music. Each track has a suggested muscle group to help you align the move, the mood, and the tempo for each body part. Plus, we’ve edited handy 45-second “transition” segments between songs to allow time for changing weight plates, adjusting equipment, or to preview/instruct participants on form and technique.

Multi BPM / 60 minutes / 12 tracks / Individual songs / Choreography recommendations in track title

All Yes! Fitness Music is 100% PPCA Tariff Free!!
*Songs not performed by original artists

1 120 The Last of the Real Ones [Warmup] 5m Fall Out Boy Axel Force
2 87 Down to the Bottom [Squats] 4m Work, 45s Rest Dorothy D’rockmasters
3 127 Light It Up [Chest] 4m Work, 45s Rest Stan Walker Ft Static Revenger Thomas
4 130 Work This Body [Shoulder] 4m Work, 45s Rest Walk the Moon Circle 99
5 128 Move to Miami [Glutes] 4m Work, 45s Rest Enrique Iglesias Ft Pitbull Red Hardin & the Team
6 122 Are You Gonna Go My Way [Biceps] 4m Work, 45s Rest Lenny Kravitz DJ Hush
7 128 How I Feel [Triceps] 4m Work, 45s Rest Flo Rida D’Mixmasters
8 128 Ain’t No Other Man [Plank] 4m Work, 45s Rest Christina Aguilera Kangaroo
9 85 Pour Some Sugar on Me [Back] 4m Work, 45s Rest Def Leppard Gang of Rock
10 123 California Dreamin’ [Lunges] 4m Work, 45s Rest Ocean’s Four Ocean’s Four
11 128 Nervous [Bonus/Ab] 5m Work Shawn Mendes D’Mixmasters
12 95 Rain [Cooldown] 5m The Script Vertical Vibe

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