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Petra’s Teaching Tips

Petra Kolber’s Tips for Success

s770I remember like it was yesterday the first aerobics class I taught. I was not sure how I was going to get through the class as I was so nervous I thought I was going to faint. In some ways that has not changed. I still get nervous before every presentation; the only difference is that 20 years later I have the experience to know how to use those nerves to my advantage. I read somewhere that being nervous is showing respect for your audience. Never forget what great work you are doing by inspiring and motivating your students to lead a healthier life. They are going to love you and when all else fails turn up the music, step touch and smile – that is enough.

1. Never let them see you sweat
Only you know that you are nervous. When you feel your nerves are getting the better of you take a time out. Come back to a base move, take a sip of water followed by a deep breath (not at the same time) and know that you are helping people get healthier and happier just by coaching them through a great class.

2. Communication over Choreography
Eye contact, enthusiasm and an approachable personality go a long way to being a terrific teacher. Don’t overdo the choreography, instead spend time working on your communication skills. Remember the shortest distance between two people is a smile.

3. Dress for Success
Wear clothing that makes you feel strong and successful and most of all is comfortable. Try to wear apparel that is similar to what the students will be wearing to class. Dressing for teens is very different to dressing for seniors. You want to be a realistic role model to your class.

4. Arrive Early and Leave Late
Arrive early so that you can introduce yourself to the students. It also will give you time to make sure the stereo and mic are working. I always have a spare battery in my bag, as that is one item that you will always need. Be sure to thank each and every one of your students after class. Never forget last impressions are lasting impressions.

5. Luck is Preparation Meeting Opportunity
If you are prepared you cannot be scared. Practice, practice and more practice.

6. Use Fear For Fuel
Fear = False Expectations Appearing Real. If you are in the moment you cannot feel fear. However if you do feel lots of butterflys, allow those wings to flutter and turn the fear into energy. Use that energy to help you teach a terrific class.

7. Create a Winning Environment
When you first begin teaching invite friends and family to come and take your class. There is nothing like a friendly face to put you at ease.

8. Music For Motivation
The best way to create excitement and energy in your class is to move to the beat of a fantastic CD. Need I say more? With Yes Fitness Music as your soundtrack you are already ahead of the game.


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