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Yes! Fitness Music Australia

About Yes! Fitness Music

Everything about Yes! Fitness Music is focused on becoming the Group X Instructors most valuable resource. We are here to champion the spirit and passion of professionals by connecting you with the music you need to teach incredible classes.

Yes! Fitness Music is a brand that is already internationally recognized, as it has been creating the best purpose recorded Fitness Music to Fitness Instructors throughout the US, Europe and Japan for many years.

Yes! Fitness Music and Energy 4 Fitness Music caters for every style, every routine and every class. Yes! owns the largest library of fitness music in the world. With over 14,000 songs at our fingertips, there is literally something for everyone.

We work with top music industry talent in New York, Milan and Amsterdam to constantly create new music for you, setting you apart from every other instructor on the block.

Yes! Fitness Music will be releasing up to 45 great new albums every year, advising instructors through the resources of the internet, catalogues, industry trade shows and publications.

Yes! Fitness Music has an official advisory board made up of 15 Group X Instructors who are our eyes and ears in the marketplace. Through our advisory board, we stay connected with real instructors, teaching real classes, from cutting edge studios in metropolitain areas to local clubs in small town settings.

We work with the likes of Petra Kolber to drive our company forward by learning from their expertise.

Simply put, Yes! is obsessed with quality music, products and services. We are surrounded by people who personify this obsession. We work for you. If something we create doesn’t jive with you, we will gladly make it right with your direction.

Enjoy the music!


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